Patient Flow

Patient flow problems impact care quality, throughput and revenue. Adding capacity is not the answer – instead, system-wide redesign is required. CSC has developed, and partnered with best-of-breed vendors, to offer a set of patient flow modules to help hospitals and clinics better manage the flow of patients.

Designed to help you provide the right care at the right moment by supporting staff with accurate and timely information, our patient flow modules target bottle necks that can cause access blocks, reduce care quality and increase costs. Each solution integrates with our patient administration systems, iPM and Web PAS.

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CSC Solutions

CSC e-Admissions

CSC eAdmissions provides a modern approach to patient registration and clinical history collection. The solution reduces the administrative burden placed on both the hospital and patient by providing a hospital branded web portal that enables patients and their careers to submit administrative and clinical history prior to hospital admission.

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CSC Solutions

Enterprise Scheduling

CSC Enterprise Scheduling Solution (UltraGenda) is a proven booking and referral solution that enables hospitals to manage the scheduling process across entire hospitals and healthcare communities. UltraGenda is a best of breed solution, currently implemented in 9 countries, with more than 100 customers managing over 75 million appointments per year.

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CSC Solutions

Notification Manager (SMS)

Reduce appointment “no-shows” by up to 37% with this SMS solution that conveniently reminds patients of appointments and when appropriate, prompts them to reschedule.

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CSC Solutions


Reduce claim rejections and speed claim processing for better cash-flow and the convenience of online claiming via Medicare ECLIPSE. Generate out-of-pocket estimates with ease. In addition to CSC PAS integration, this solution integrates with CSC Claim Manager for instant claim verification and validation.

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CSC Solutions

Bed Management

Avoid emergency department access block and provide the right care at the right time by optimising bed allocation with CSC Bed Management.

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CSC Solutions

CSC Mobility Suite

The CSC Mobility Suite EMR for iPhone and iPad gives clinicians what they want – easy access to patient and clinical information anywhere, anytime. At the bedside, home, office or on the move, healthcare professionals always have access to the latest information about their patients.

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CSC Solutions

Queue Management

Manage the flow of outpatients and information from presentation to check-out for efficient use of resources and improved patient satisfaction.

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