Our i.Pharmacy solution is a comprehensive pharmacy management system managing all aspects of a modern hospital pharmacy business within a single system.

CSC Solutions

Our pharmacy solutions provide you with a better way to manage pharmacy information.

Developed with expertise gained from nearly 30 years experience in hospital pharmacies, our solutions are designed to help you improve the quality of patient care while supporting modern pharmacy business process.

Our intuitive modular components cover dispensing, manufacturing, inventory controls and financial accounting and also support automated systems for storage and dispensing.

Start accurately maintaining your inventory movements in a true multi site, multi store environment that is scalable from a single PC on a single site through to a large multi site implementation. The solution being highly configurable is able to meet varying business process requirements.

Key Benefits

  • i.Pharmacy benefits healthcare professionals, organisations and patients by supporting automation of processes providing greater efficiency and reducing cost

  • multi-organisational capability and flexibility will support varying business models allowing for individual variation and also business change

  • i.Pharmacy is a client server application with integration based on industry standards operating across a number of technology platforms including wireless and portable devices. The solution allows the user to access and process the information according to business need wherever it is required providing a flexible and patient orientated service

  • fully robot compatible with a true bi-directional interface provides seamless integration for dispensing, ward box filling and goods receipt improving efficiency and user satisfaction. Links to automated cabinets provides functionality to re-stock medicines based on ward usage and patient specific medicines providing safe, secure and auditable storage methods at ward level

  • using mobile devices supports ward based services providing real time drug requesting, ensuring that a patient is provided with the right drug at the right time and improving communication between pharmacy and clinicians

  • communication is greatly enhanced by the Prescription Tracker and use of a visual monitor provides an instant view of the prescription status in the pharmacy and on the ward. This improves efficiency and allows the pharmacy staff to effectively manage their workload benefiting ward staff and patients

  • a comprehensive and easy to use dispensing module allows you to dispense new, single or multiple items from the previously entered medication history and view all drugs dispensed. This can also be used to record patient own medicines giving a full medication record. Dispensing lists can be created when multiple dispensing is required on a regular basis that improve overall efficiency and reduce cost

  • clinical intervention recording is quick and easy when reviewing a prescription ensuring that all interventions are recorded in a timely manner to monitor and influence prescribing and support local governance

  • links to e-prescribing systems using standards based messaging allows pharmacy to respond to dispensing requests quickly and accurately  removing transcription errors and providing a safe and efficient service to ward staff and patients

  • the IV/Aseptic/Extemporaneous dispensing module provides for modern day practice supporting tailor made preparations or user-defined standard formulae providing a flexible build function and ‘Same Again’ dispensing, with user definable administration routes, and label and batch sheet reprinting.


Solution Overview

Patient Dispensing

Our pharmacy solutions provide you with a comprehensive medication dispensing and prescription monitoring tool. This includes special products, including IV/Aspetic/Extemp dispensing and parenteral nutrition with the one software solution.

  • Prescription Tracker provides at a glance view of the prescription status using colour driven indicators with an on screen view in pharmacy or on the ward. Saving time and eliminating the need for telephone calls to check on the status of the prescription

  • allows for dispensing of new, single or multiple items from the previously entered medication history

  • dispensing can be grouped by patient, ward or product for efficient multiple dispensing

  • users can dispense repeat prescriptions and standard formulae

  • view all drugs dispensed to patients

  • produce various configurable label options including different font sizes, colours and bar codes with printing of default instructions or user entered free text at the time of printing

  • print patient medication charts, variable dosage charts and information leaflets at any time including bar codes if required

  • record and monitor drug allergies and interactions with links to commercial database sources for information

  • notify users of potential adverse drug events and interactions instantly

  • maintain online registers of patients on clinical trial and special access schemes and also supporting payment by results monitoring and reporting

  • aert pharmacists whenever a special product is dispensed without a valid authority

  • reprint labels and batch sheets easily

  • add multiple drugs and fluids to individual preparations with accurate total volume calculation

  • allow for additions, changes and deletions from pre-recorded formulae

  • print batch sheets detailing all products to be used, quantities selected and detailed constituent labels

  • receive and process HL7 electronic medication orders generated from any internal or external system

  • communicate actions back to external systems as the pharmacist processes the script.

Ward Based services

Use mobile devices to provide real time drug requesting and dispensing patient medication at the patient bedside aiding drug review processes and improve overall communication between pharmacy staff and clinicians.

  • operational efficiency increased as the paper prescription does not leave the ward

  • e-medication charts can be maintained with dispensing from these charts removing transcription errors and improving efficiency

  • charts can be held until clinically checked by a pharmacist and then processed through usual workflow using the Prescription Tracker.

Clinical Utilities

Improve your clinical performance and quality control with our full set of clinical intervention recording features.

  • record all clinical interventions

  • enter comments regarding any event

  • recall unresolved interventions for further comment at a later period

  • record all patient, product, pharmacist, date and prescriber details

  • integrate clinical notes with recording of mediation related adverse events

  • produce a yellow card report for national MHRA reporting system

Robot Compatible

i.Pharmacy allows seamless integration with pharmacy robot systems and ward automated cabinets enabling dispensing, ward supply and storage processes to be automated. Successfully operates with a true bi-directional interface to dispensing robots providing the following functionality and benefits:

  • accurate stock control and retrieval of items for dispensing and stock supply
  • full synchronisation of stock with robotic data helping eliminate stock discrepancies
  • real time updating of stock movements between systems
  • automatic loading and goods receipt providing efficiency and removing manual error and time consuming processes
  • ward box picking is completely automated.

Supply Chain and Stock Control

Our pharmacy solutions include full stock management, e-supply chain, ward stock management and all types of dispensing, compounding and repackaging functionality. They are designed to improve patient care and workflow efficiencies through better product control. Full use of bar coding improves efficiency and supports automated processes.

  • orders can be raised, supplier credits created and invoices processed electronically

  • construct multiple ward stock lists  

  • define and change products, locations, shelf levels and stock quantities

  • produce a ward stock sheet with a full description of the product for each location including bar codes to facilitate easy recording

  • record all daily issues

  • enter the requested orders for stock supply from stock sheets or requisitions

  • electronic requesting provider for the user

  • use of portable devices for remote recording of requirements including tablet PC’s

  • record details of items kept in any drug trolley, crash cart, doctor’s emergency kit and other related storage locations including costing of the kits to the user

  • automate monitoring of kits for expiring products, replenishment and replacement

  • enquire, add, edit or report on any product in the pharmacy

  • record products as Formulary/Not Formulary enhancing medication control and providing information to medical/nursing staff

  • assign multiple suppliers to any one product and define order criteria i.e preferred supplier versus best cost

  • assign multiple stores and locations for stock lines

  • easily move stock from one location to another using store transfers

  • record and maintain drug interactions and incompatibilities

  • set current status, formulary status and supply restrictions at a site level.


Fully customisable to your needs, our reporting functionality helps improve workflows and costing procedures by allowing you to automate procedures and free your clinical staff to focus on other tasks.

  • utilise over 150 standard reports

  • customise reports and forms locally using report writing tool

  • create user generated reports from scratch for ad hoc reporting

  • supply full clinical cost details of all items to the patient

  • generate standard costing reports by individual patient, single prescriber, medical team, prescription type or ward/unit/clinic

  • include standard data elements such as script numbers, date of prescription, product description, label instructions, quantity and cost of drug, pharmacist initials and doctor name in reports

  • provide financial extracts suitable to relay information to other systems e.g AP and GL extracts.

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